Turknett Leadership Group
Past Nominee Highlights

2012 Nominee Highlights

Each year we receive over 50 nominations. Many could be award recipients. This year we are honoring two outstanding nominees each month.

President/CEO/Partner, Small-Mid-size Company

Lorraine Chilvers

Delaney Consulting, LLC.

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Lorraine Chilvers, the CEO of Delaney Consulting and an outstanding nominee in the CEO/President/Partner of a Small-Mid-size Company category, was cited by her nominator as having a fearless commitment to truth and honesty. Lorraine has played an active role in the community, volunteering her time and talents to help organizations such as the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta. She has also served as a mentor for a weekend Girls Scout camp. Lorraine’s nominator states, “I can think of no better Girl Scout than Lorraine, and our community is better for it.” She has earned a reputation of respect from her clients, all of whom say they would not only use her services again, but would recommend her to others. Clearly Lorraine is passionate about what she does and serves as a role model to many young women.

Matt McConnell


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Matt McConnell, CEO of Knowlagent, was an exceptional nominee in the CEO/President/Partner of a Small-Mid-size Company category. A Georgia Tech graduate, Matt truly leads with integrity in both his personal and professional life. Matt has gained the respect of his direct reports, and motivated them to do many things that were thought to be unattainable. Nominator Tom Darrow says that he, “does not know anyone with more integrity than Matt.” Matt exhibits transparency at work and encourages his colleagues to share openly with him. He takes the time to counsel his employees and refers to each of them as ‘family’. Matt is also admired throughout the Atlanta community for his work at MUST Ministries and Serve @ Work.