Turknett Leadership Group
Past Nominee Highlights

2012 Nominee Highlights

Each year we receive over 50 nominations. Many could be award recipients. This year we are honoring two outstanding nominees each month.

Non-Profit Category

Cheryl Briscoe

Application Development Manager

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Cheryl Briscoe is an Application Development Manager at FIS and an outstanding nominee in the Executive/Manager category. Cheryl truly balances the respect and responsibility sides of the leadership model in her daily work – she provides honest, but respectful feedback to her direct reports and teammates, and is always willing to take on new initiatives. Cheryl’s nominator says, “Integrity is in Cheryl's DNA.” In her personal life, Cheryl serves the community through her efforts as a member of a Marietta gardening club, a supporter of the Cobb Landmark Society, and her Church’s ministry...

Sharon James Jordan

Senior Vice President, Operations and Systems
Chartis Aerospace Insurance Services, Inc.

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Sharon James Jordan, Sharon James Jordan, Senior VP of Operations and Systems, maintains high standards of honesty and integrity in her daily work. Sharon’s nominator says, “I've never witnessed her back down from her stance and she has never been one to shy away from stating the facts.” Despite tough times, Sharon maintains integrity and holds others accountable to her high standards. Sharon is also quite active in the community, and was nominated in 2011-2012 for a Woman in Technology award...